Press 195 in Bayside, Queens: Panini’s Galore!

Bell Boulevard in Bayside, Queens is most notably knows for their bars. The first time I stepped foot in Press 195 was honestly, to grab a beer and hang out. Since that day, I have heard many compliments about their food – as they are most know for their panini’s.
I have since then been back on numerous occasions to sit down with a couple of friends and have a good meal. Every time i go back, I promise myself to order something other than a panini, but I still can not help myself. Press 195 has so many to choose from, which will definitely cater to a wide variety of taste buds. Their panini’s cater to the meat lovers with steak combinations to the vegans with their wide selection of veggie-only panini’s.

Now remember, panini’s aren’t the only thing they serve. They have a decent selection of appetizers – I usually get the hummus, which is excellent. They also offer soups, salads, a pick-your-own Stromboli-type pizzas and knish sandwiches. My friend that I usually go with likes the Stromboli-pizzas. I only took a bite or two from his but, never ordered one of my own.

As far as the place-itself is concerned, it is a cozy sit-down type of establishment. When you walk in, you will immediately see a bar to the left along with tables on the right hand side. There is also an outside area in the back, which is my favorite part of this place (besides the panini’s). You walk into the “backyard” and there will be about five medium-sized tables with a nice view of the sky. There aren’t too many tree’s or buildings blocking your view. The entrance is a little tight, I’d describe the general layout as a funnel-shape with the choke point being the entrance. They also have a few TV’s around the bar area to entertain you when you eat.

The location of Press 195 is right on Bell Boulevard. There is always a lot of commotion and busy traffic. A very nice place to walk down at night but remember, it is known for the bars. The area is nice however, and don’t let the bars scare you away. Bayside is a very safe town and I love it there!

You might pass right by this place without even noticing, however it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. If you go – make sure to order a Panini or checkout BestPaniniPressReview and get a presser yourself!

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