How to Buy an Aurora Paper Shredder for Your Office

Since there are so many types, colors and price ranges for the Aurora paper shredders, you can’t just go out and buy any one and expect it to be exactly what you wanted. Which one is best depends solely on your nature and intensity of use. To save you time we suggest taking a look at they have some good information on paper shredders.

How heavy your workload is will be perhaps the most important factor when choosing your Aurora paper shredder, which is often largely determined by whether you’re using your Aurora paper shredder for household use, a home office, or a regular office. A household Aurora paper shredder will only be used every now and then, and only lightly; Aurora manufactures light-duty shredders. Medium-duty shredders should be fine for a home office, depending on what type of work is being done. If you are planning to use the Aurora paper shredder quite often, however, such as at an office or other busy organization, then you need a heavy duty Aurora paper shredder, some of which are even jam-free.

Price will vary among types, and that’s why you shouldn’t invest in a shredder that’s more than you actually need. The most durable Aurora paper shredders range in price from $300 to $1000, the mediums from $200 to $600 and the lightest Aurora paper shredders form $33 to $90. Jam-free models are even more expensive than the heavy duty ones. Purchase the one that’s right for you.

What type of shred your Aurora paper shredder does may also be important to you, and it will influence the price. For one thing, different models will cut different numbers of papers at one time. There are also different styles, such as strip-cut and crosscut. Some will cut the paper into regular confetti, while others will micro-shred it. It depends partially on the confidentiality of the materials you’re shredding. Micro-shred Aurora paper shredders are the most expensive models; crosscut and confetti are cheaper.

Aurora paper shredders come in several colors. Black is by far the most common, but you can also find beige, brown and maroon ones, and even a few in white. Some come with a basket for the shredded contents, while others do not.

All these things are potentially determining factors in whether or not you’re satisfied with your Aurora paper shredder. The price and the durability vary with the model, and specific colors could blend with your home or office theme better than others.

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